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Welcome to a world of snot!

 Snotlings is a laugh out loud thriller starring boogers and germs. Written for children aged 7-12 years old who love funny, adventure books and picking their nose!

Can you survive the snotpocalypse?

Jackson Hart loves picking his nose. But when he finds a tiny warrior in his booger, everything turns WEIRD and DANGEROUS! Not only does he have a civilisation of snotlings up his nose. . . one wants revenge.

Mucuszar and his awful germ army have conquered both nostrils and Jackson’s world is next!

Can Jackson and his friends stop the snotpocalypse? Or will Mucuszar’s deadly creation destroy the planet?


About the Author

I became a writer because I had a story to tell. A story about snot! It may seem strange to write a book about boogers, but growing up, my little brother tormented me with his snot every… single… day!

I got my degree in Creative and Professional Writing and studied numerous courses and books, applying everything I had learnt to my book. It took me a short six years and now Snotlings is nearly ready to be shared with everyone.

To know that families around the world will squish together in bed and read my story and laugh- as I did with my Mum and brother- brings me so much happiness!

Tarryn Mallick